Betting exchange is a new form of betting that allows you to make you the bookmakers with a higher level!
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Betting Exchange
Become a bookmaker with Betting Exchange. You learn how to place a higher odd on a sporting event on the platform of the bookmaker!

Betting Systems
Value Bets
The value bets or bets are errors odds of some online bookmakers that evaluate a game with very high share!

The martingala is a good system both on casinos, both on sports betting and other games, pointing a sum of money in way proportionally and keep pointing!

The Lucifer is a complex betting system to have a prediction for sports betting on football championships and others!

The PONG is an interesting, but not sure where you can predict one fixed or more and assign three types of bets!

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Betting Exchange

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Since April 2014 it has become a new legal online betting which was more widespread and from long time in Anglo-Saxon and England for first under with name of Betting Exchange or Bet Exchange English word that has been translated, at times, in Italian with back and lay, using real money.
How does this work?
The classic combination of bookmaker and bettor no longer exists with this type of bet where the first takes care of the odds and it is the back and the second takes care of the bet and it is the user. With Betting Exchange this concept has been changed and a user who point on a Betting can become himself the back proposing a bet stake (LAY or BACK) on a match or sporting event of his choice. In this bet, however, there is a bet limit and users to participate.
For the bookmakers that allow the Bet Exchange (Betting Exchange) earns retaining a small percentage, typically between 2% and 5% maximum, on each transition.
The reason why the Italian betting exchange is called "Lay and Back" is that the user can decide whether to "Lay" or "Back" a odd.
Back a bet
In a sporting event, the term "Back" a bet, refers when making a bet. This term is used both in traditional and both in modality Bet Exchange.
The corresponding term in English Point is "Back".
Laying a bet
From the end user "Laying a bet" Is to become a real bookmaker and then you can decide what you can place a odd on a sporting event.
The word in the English language correspondent bank is "Lay".
What are the advantages?
Compared to the advantages of traditional bookmakers betting exchanges are huge:
- The odds on individual bets are higher;
- To limit losses or to make a profit you have the ability to close a bet in advance;
- The user has the possibility to act as a Lay and then to have a function similar to a bookmaker;
- A greater control over their bets;
- You may have the opportunity to earn without even beginning the event.
Are you ready to evaluate on which bookmakers do this type of bet? I have prepared of the information and a list on the best bookmakers where you can perform the betting exchange.

The best bookmakers on the internet betting exchange sites or back and lay (Betting Exchange)
Bookmakers Logo Bonus % Up to Mobile Streaming Sports Supports Languages
1 Betfair Risk Free Bet 500€ Sports
2 Betflag 100% €425 Sports
3 WBX Promo £/€25 Sports
4 Betdaq Promo €/£/$25 Sports
5 Matchbook Risk Free Bet £/€25/50 Sports
6 Smarkets 50% £/€/$25 Sports
7 Bettor None None Sports
8 Oddsfutures 100% €20 Sports
9 Betliner 100% 1000€ Sports
10 Ladbroker 100% £50 Sports
11 Citibet Promo £/€25 Horses
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The best bookmakers bonus to choose from the various online bookmakers present to have the best information and details!

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Betting Tips
Internet security on money transfer to bank accounts is excellent and you can find tips to start making your first bet!

The Tips for Beginners
Are you a beginner? Do you want to become an expert? What are you waiting to take their first steps on the online sports betting with the beginner's guide!

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Are you ready to play at online casinos? Have fun playing without ruin and read the information and tips that is put at the disposal of the player!

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You can discover the best tips on the game of poker and in this site you can take advantage of and put into practice 16 tips against your opponents!

Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bookmakers
Each bookmakers has advantages and disadvantages that can be specials for the advantages and insignificant for the disadvantages!

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