The mantingola is a game system for sports betting and casino games very expensive to achieve, but not impossible!
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The martingala is a good system both on casinos, both on sports betting and other games, pointing a sum of money in way proportionally and keep pointing!

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A system developed several years ago for casino games (especially for Roulette, but not limited to) that is called "Martingale".
This system is simple and is designed for players of the casino. If you lose the bet you can increase the amount of money progressively of your bet and try to be able to recover the amounts lost and then earn at the first winning bet.
After you took the bet and you realize the first gain, the strategy starts from the beginning and bet the same initial amount.
With this formula you can calculate the optimal bets amounts and earn a lot of money:
Pointed = (P+G)/(Q-1)
Let's analyze the letters:
P = Total money of accumulated losses
G = Gain that want to get
Q = decimal odds
Here's an example:
The bet of a match with odds 3,00 not won, pointing a sum of €10. You take other always match with odds 3,00 and €20 tip. If you win you get a profit of 20*3-20-10=€30, but if you lose you have to continue to play by increasing the amount progressively, then from €20 to €40 from €40 to €80 and so on, until you win. Not is important how you win, but it is important to recover all previous losses and get a good profit.
This system has risks:
We're going to see the limitations of the method "Martingala" in practical applications. If you have a frequent loss of wagers made, we see that the amount of money increases substantially. Let's analyze well the system. In a series of 5 losing bets with odds at 2 the amount of money bet on the sixth soars corresponds to 32 times the initial value of the bet. So if we play €10 x32=€320. For a calculation more simple 10+10=€20, €20+€20=€40, €40+€40=€80, €80+€80=€160, €160+€160=€320 and so on.
On a low altitude gain is not high and you have to raise the stake. For this reason, this method, as you can see you can not make it to fit any budget and need to check if the proposed maximum points of bookmakers.
If we think of betting in a long-term the method "Martingala" does not work to earn.
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