Information on Surebet winning in all cases in order to win easy money do not miss the opportunity to be able to bet on 1x2 and mathematically win!
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The Lucifer is a complex betting system to have a prediction for sports betting on football championships and others!

The PONG is an interesting, but not sure where you can predict one fixed or more and assign three types of bets!

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The sure bet, bet very safe

If on a sporting event the odds are different from one another with very high values ​​on the various sports betting sites, you can get a profit in any certain result come out of 1x2.
How does it function? Simple, just go to the list of sure bet and choose the event to make a bet. The list is updated daily and calculated continuously with the possibility of changing the sum to play in order to earn more money with the sure bet gratis.
The sure bet (safe bet) allows you to bet on all the results of a sporting event (for example: football) and when it ends the match you have mathematically won with a benefit of some gain.
Now comes the hard part. To take advantage of the more bookmakers surebet need to register online and get more accounts opened with cash always available. This is not enough it is also important to have a method of money transfer immediate, but rather instantaneous and if he is always gratis is even better. The methods of payment for each boomakers is different so you have to choose one that allows you to make fast transfers of sums of money on various accounts of bookmakers on the internet. The amounts to be playing on the various bookmakers is different. For example, on € 100, you play €15 on the result 2 with odd 7,12, €25 you play on the result x with odd 1,5 and €60 on the 1 result with odd 1,05, you earn €120 in all three cases, with a win of €20. The amounts vary from bookmakers and you could find yourself with insufficient funds on a bookmakers and as we know, shares may change. Always keep in mind that the odds can change quickly, so you need a little 'speed.
Here's an example:
Scottish football championship the most important series of Premier League between St. Johnston - Glasgow Rangers.
There are two possible results: over 2.5 (goals) - bet €2.00 - Unibet bookmaker or Under 2.5 (goals) - bet €2.10 - Betclic bookmaker.
The comparison of these two odds can get the sure bet.
Let's see how to calculate the SureBet: 1/odd1 + 1/odd2 +....+ 1/quota n < 1
To find out if it's a sure bet you have to add the two best odds and the result should be less than 1!
We get this calculation by the following formula: 1/2,00+1/2,10= 0,9762.
We can say that the SureBet takes place because you win on your sports bet € 1 having staked the sum of €0.9762.
Pointing €0.9762 you are guaranteed the amount of money 0.0238.
We take as a basis of 100 to know the amount of money you can bet on each result for this sports betting.
  • Formula to bet on Over 2,5:100*1/odd over 2,5
  • Formula to bet on Over 2,5:100*1/odd Under 2,5
Better to round calculations to two decimal places for ease of reading for our example:
  • On Unibet tip over 2,5 = 100*1/2,00 = €50,000
  • On Betclic tip under 2,5 = 100*1/2,10 = €47,619
Summing over and under we can see that the bet is therefore of €97.619.
  • In chance of over 2,5 goal the result: 50.00*2,00 = €100
  • In chance of over 2,5 goal the result: 47,619*2,10 = 100€
In this way the payout is ensured as the gain and no matter the outcome of the event. € 97.619 pointing the payoff is € 100 and the gain is achieved with a small calculation of 100-97.619 that we get € 2.38 which is the sure gain.
The sure bet (safe bet) is made on sports betting which has profits generally around 1 or 2% and the benefits, but the SureBet good can reach 5 or 6%.
Making bets on 2 or 3 different results with the sure bet that it is a safe bet on various sporting events and/or type of betting choice, you ensure the win. Although the gain is not huge is guaranteed.
Professional players on sports betting often make pointed on sure bet (safe bet) large sums of money on different bookmakers.

First of all, know the rules of the sport and for a good prediction must know the teams, the players, the results of previous match, and more. You go to the Livescore Football (soccer results) Click to get statistics on the outcome of a game that opens a page where you can find more information including the results of football between the two teams, the results over the years between the two teams and more and Standings to know the position of a championship team in the nation with the results at home and away.

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